FearScape Paranormal Podcast

Gettin’ Spooky with Hellier’s Tyler Strand

March 3, 2021

FearScape is back with a very special ALL-NEW EPISODE! The Spooky Crew is joined by the one and only, Tyler Strand, from the hit Paranormal show, HELLIER!! They got to spend some time talking to him about new and old theories, Tyler’s paranormal past, his new fascination with Sasquatch tree structures, going “undercover”, mylar balloon sightings, and so much more!  The boys and Tyler get really deep but also laugh a lot in this unique episode. This week’s Listener Story comes from author and co-host of FSMN’s newest show, Ghosts in the Attic Bodies in the Basement, Lindsey Behee. Tune in now and make sure to hold those blankets extra tight as Stefan & Josh take you deep into... the FearScape!

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